Mirror effect


Photoshop reflection is also called as mirror effect. We can easily guess the definition of mirror effect from its name. It is an effect that mirrors the main object on its ground. In other words the mirror effect is a reflection of one’s self through the gaze of others. Mirror effect is almost similar to the drop shadow but with a clear reflection of the stock. By creating reflection effect it makes a unique presentation of the object. Reflection shadow originates the same feeling like the original mirror or glass object.

There are two types of mirror effect: natural reflection and Photoshop reflection. Photoshop reflection is created with the help of Adobe Photoshop. Naturally the clients don’t get enough time to see the product. The clients will take decision by viewing the image only. So the image has to be quite appealing and more attractive that will motivate the clients to make the real purchase decision. Photoshop reflection can be a great helping hand. Image reflection works in presentation level rather improving the object itself. It doesn’t do anything with the quality of main object.

The main purpose of photo reflection is to increase the appeal of the image. By having Photoshop mirror effect we can improve our image very easily that will play a vital role. It is recurrently used in fashion industry. It increases the glamour of the models by creating their awesome reflection. Sparkling product photos like jewelry, watches and diamond images will look livelier & eye catching with a reflection effect.

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