Image masking


Masking means cut out part of an image from it’s surrounding background. Image masking is a very essential technique of removing Background of a photo using Photoshop software but different from clipping path. If we want a realistic mask for complicated shapes such as dandelion or a kid with a curly hair, we should not pick up Magic Wand. There’s a better way.

 There are many kinds of technique of doing masking. The technique of masking is used on a photo if there is something complicated like animal`s hair, human hair, furs, brushes image for which clipping path can’t be applied. Masking is very detailed and requires correctness and exacting detail in order to get realistic results.

A mask protects part of an image allowing you to cut areas of an image from the surrounding background. You can mask any portion of the foreground or background of an image. We can do this by first defining a rough outline of an object and then fine-tuning our mask. Later we’ll import a new image for the mask’s background. It’s easier than using Magic Wand or Pen tools, and creates a mask more realistic.

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